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Eating gluten-free in London

Eating gluten-free in londonEating gluten-free in London is quite challenging. And at the same time there are amazing venues where you can eat gluten-free safely.

London is not the most gluten-free friendly place in Europe yet. Some can even argue that for a world capital it lags behind much smaller cities. Although there is now a Coeliac Awareness Week in May each year, the problem of gluten still remains mysterious for most individuals. The gluten-free fad probably didn’t help!

Some places are fully aware of celiac disease, gluten and cross-contamination, some think then know about it (but believe dairy and gluten are the same), while others will just same state it’s gluten-free while having no clue of what it really means.

All the information listed in this blog come from my own research and experience. If it was true at the time of writing or updating, things may have changed since. So it is fair to say that you are 100% responsible for your food safety risks and managing those risks in a world filled with gluten and other allergens.

Sometimes venues have GF menus. But what about cross-contamination?

My advice would be to ALWAYS enquire about the recipe and its ingredients (rather than ask if it’s gluten-free) and question how they deal with cross-contamination. Most waiter will either know, you can see it in their eyes, or will double check in the kitchen. In all situation, trust your instinct. It might look or sound nice, but will it be worth it if you get sick?

Also ALWAYS check recent reviews: some places famously advertise dishes as GF when lots of Coeliacs suffered from wheat poisoning.

London is still a wonderful place to eat out and many venues are safe.